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Are you a Chinese doctor thinking about working in the UK? 您是一名正在考虑在英国工作的中国医生吗? If “yes”, please read below about the exciting ReMEDI Rx plans for 2017 如果“是”,请阅读下面令人兴奋的关于2017年ReMEDI Rx规划   ReMEDI Rx can help you to help others Are you a doctor or a dentist wanting to work in the UK? Maybe […]

Transporting our future surgeons directly into the operating theatre

First global broadcast of live surgical procedure using Google Glass eyewear. Medical Devices / Diagnostics / Surgery / Medical Students / Training A surgeon at The Royal London Hospital has become the first in the UK to broadcast online a live surgical procedure using a pair of Google Glass eyewear. On Thursday […]

Let Clinical Staff fix the NHS

Nurses Day on 12 May is an opportunity to put the dedication and strength of nursing staff in the spotlight. It is also time to say; “Let Clinical professionals together, fix the NHS”.      A 20-point plan by ReMEDI Rx   Double the nurse (and doctor and midwife and […]

The NHS must raise the bar for foreign doctors

The pass mark that enables foreign-trained doctors to work in Britain should be raised immediately, while innovation is needed to avert a deepening crisis in primary care A review carried out by University College London into the proficiency of foreign doctors in Britain has found that half of them lack […]

Half of foreign doctors are below British standards

By Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent 12:01AM BST 18 Apr 2014     Half of all foreign doctors in Britain do not have the necessary skills to work here but can practise because the competency exam is too easy, a major study finds. The majority of the 88,000 foreign doctors in […]

Chinese medicine could become available on the NHS in the UK

Chinese medicine could be available on the NHS if there is enough evidence to prove that it would benefit patients, Jeremy Hunt has suggested. The Health Secretary indicated that the health service could look at integrating traditional Chinese medicines with Western medical techniques. Mr Hunt said his frequent travels to […]

Social media and patient stories

Social media and patient stories. With acknowledgements to TransformingParticipationinHealthcare_Resources_CommunicationTopTips Social media is an emerging, fast growing and important source of insight. There are some 500,000 comments about the NHS in England every week. These data sources can be harnessed to provide a deeper and richer understanding of people’s concerns and […]

Minutes-old baby is UK’s youngest heart op patient

By Padraic Flanagan 10:25AM BST 07 Apr 2014 A baby girl has become Britain’s youngest open heart surgery patient after undergoing a life-saving operation within minutes of being born. Chanel Murrish, now six weeks old, developed a rare heart condition in the womb which doctors said she was unlikely to survive. […]

Britain still great but distinctly overweight, global quality of life …..

Britain still great – but distinctly overweight, global quality of life index shows. By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor 6:15AM BST 03 Apr 2014 See also; Editors Note and ReMEDI Rx Questions for Clinicians and Global Medics at end of article.   Britain is still great – but distinctly overweight – global quality […]

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists who can’t speak English could be struck off, …

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists who can’t speak English could be struck off, regulators will be able to ban doctors, nurses and pharmacists from practicing if they fail English language tests. By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent. 12:01AM BST 02 Apr 2014 See also Editor’s Note at end of article. Doctors, nurses, […]