Clinical English Study Days

Study days to enhance your clinical communication

As an international medical professional arriving and working in the UK for the first time, working in the fast paced healthcare industry, can sometime be a daunting prospect especially if English isn’t your native language.

The ReMEDI Rx Study Days prepare medical professionals for work in the UK. These one-day courses place an emphasis on clinical communication coaching in an English speaking, working environment with additional training in English vocabulary and grammar.

We run Study Days in the UK at 5-star conference facilities at Heathrow and in Buckinghamshire. Although if preferred, we would welcome enquiries about conducting a clinical communication Study Day utilising the facilities at your organisation, hospital or university, either here in the UK or Internationally. This can sometimes be a cost effective alternative for large Study Day groups. These “Clinical Communication Study Days” can be truly bespoke and could be held anywhere in the world at a date to suit you or your organisation (prices on application).

Whether you would like to join us as an individual, or arrange a Study Day as a group, courses can be tailored to suit your particular needs and may include some of the training categories below:

• British English v American English (Pediatric or Paediatric?)

• British National Formulary (BNF)

• Communication they didn’t teach you at Medical School!

• Communicating with patients and staff

• Continuous English iImprovement (CEI) to include grammatical accuracy, vocabulary, spelling, fluency and pronunciation associated with reading, writing, speaking and listening

• Doctor’s Dilemmas

• General Practitioners (GPs)

• Group discussions

• Hospital Dilemmas

• Hospital Latin


• Interview techniques

• Medical jargon

• Medical vocabulary (including names of operations and incisions)


• Patient vocabulary and vernacular

• Presentation skills

• Proofreading

• Speaking up, speaking out, (enunciation in the operating theatre and privacy at the bedside)

• Teamwork

• Work based scenario

Currently we’re liaising and working with university and medical school Deans and Professors in the UK as well as China, India, Africa, Jordan and Europe. So whether you were thinking about joining us on our Clinical Communication Study Days here in the UK or would like our trainers to come to you, please contact us for more information and we will be happy to advise on the available study options and course choices.


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