Once we know your career aspirations, we can point you in the right direction to ensure you climb up the clinical career ladder fast.

ReMEDI Rx has associations with, and links to, a vast array of health care employers and other health care opportunities and can connect you to one or a number of these, where you will be able to reach your full career potential.

There are NHS posts available throughout the UK and reputable Employment Businesses can assist you with gaining employment in the NHS or also help find you a post in one of the many UK Private Hospitals.

Working for an Employment Business means that doctors are provided with ample off duty time, (Working Time Regulations compliant rotations) and excellent salaries accompanied by total support throughout their stay in the UK. They can assist you with obtaining the necessary registrations, documentations and resuscitation updates as necessary and can work with you to ensure that you work towards your senior clinical roles sooner rather than later.


PLEASE NOTE: ReMEDI Rx does not provide employment but can facilitate it and will always use its best endeavours to help each and every one of our delegates, past, present and in the future. Any UK employment via employment businesses, will be subject to individual employment businesses’ terms and conditions of employment and all contracts will be subject to English and Welsh law.

Remember, good English and clear communication can be your passport to obtaining and retaining a better clinical job in the UK, or it can help you through the important communications component of your higher exams.

We are here to help you and the process is very straightforward.


Associated communication support and ReMEDI Rx plans for the future

Finally, once we have helped you gain that vital IELTS score, once you have been guaranteed that coveted UK job, ReMEDI Rx continues to offer you support in the form of ‘Graduate Opportunities’.

There may be occasions when you want an important letter or presentation checked or your research paper needs proofreading before you submit it to the Lancet!

Or you may be looking for interview training. (Contact ReMEDI Rx)

Or you would like to read about ReMEDI Rx plans for China (see News section)

Or you might wish to enquire about becoming a ReMEDI Rx Trainer! (Contact ReMEDI Rx)

We are always here to help you to help others both now and in the future.

ReMEDI Rx hourly rates for course graduates are very competitive but they are only available to our course graduates. Please see the current “Course Pricing Costs”.


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