Course Pricing Costs

With ReMEDI Rx you will receive a bespoke personal coaching programme.

As well as our weekly Skype sessions, our regular communication throughout the course ensures that you receive all appropriate documentation and exercises to direct you through your ReMEDI Rx study programme.

Once completed and returned, your course work will be marked by your personal trainer and they will then coordinate any further teaching and study that is needed before moving on to the next stage of the programme.

We strongly recommend you make sure that you can set aside our minimum required self study time, before deciding which one of our ReMEDI Rx personal study programmes you choose. Please see the table below for guidance.

All courses are available 24/7 throughout the year (excluding Christmas Day), with no extra charges for weekends or Bank Holidays.

ReMEDI Rx course costs

Code Min score ReMEDI Rx Courses WEEKS SKYPES Required hours study per week Total Required hours study per course Total cost
A1 (Emergency) Ave 7.0 INTENSIVE 1 WEEK COURSE 1 2 (1 hr each) 40 40 £365.00
A2 (Urgent) Ave 7.0 ReMEDI Rx 2 WEEK COURSE (Contains all elements of 4-week course over 2 weeks) 2 2 (1 hr each) 20 40 £365.00
A3 (Urgent) Ave 7.0 ReMEDI Rx 2 WEEK COURSE (Contains all elements of 4-week course over 2 weeks) 3 3 (1/2 hr each) 20 60 £490.00
A 4 (Recommended) 6.5+ ReMEDI Rx 4 WEEK COURSE 4 4 (1/2 hr each) 20 80 £565.00
B6 6.0- ReMEDI Rx 6 WEEK COURSE 6 6 (1/2 hr each) 10 60 £665.00
C8 5.5- ReMEDI Rx 8 WEEK COURSE 8 8 (1/2hr each) 10 80 £775.00
D10 5.5- ReMEDI Rx 10 WEEK COURSE 10 10 (1/2 hr each) 10 100 £885.00
E12 5.0- ReMEDI Rx 12 WEEK COURSE 12 12 (1/2 hr each) 10 120 £995.00
Regular Skypes Prices on application
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Editing services

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Remember, a ReMEDI Rx course could be much better value for money than repeatedly failing one component of the Academic IELTS or OET test!