Social media and patient stories

Social media and patient stories.

With acknowledgements to TransformingParticipationinHealthcare_Resources_CommunicationTopTips

Social media is an emerging, fast growing and important source of insight. There are some 500,000 comments about the NHS in England every week.

These data sources can be harnessed to provide a deeper and richer understanding of people’s concerns and interests relating to health services.

Using social media can also help to engage a wide range of people who are often already discussing the issues you are trying to address.

Patient stories are an incredibly rich, powerful but underused source of information. They bring to life issues that really matter to people, in their own words.

They can be collected through a number of sources including social media, letters, complaints and websites like;

‘Patient Opinion’, ‘Patient Stories’ and the ‘Life Story Network’.

We have chosen;  ..  [ @HealthFdn: ‘Patient engagement – we need to live it, not talk it’ – new on our blog today from @MarkDuman ]

as today’s essential reading.  It contains a wealth of common sense information and there are links to invaluable sites including

“Communication ‘top tips’ “ on page 59 of “Transforming Participation in health and care.

Do read it and print a copy of the top tips.

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