Health Care News from ReMEDI Rx

ReMEDI Rx is passionate about clinical communication and we hope you are too!

In addition to running ReMEDI Rx courses, we are building a library of particularly interesting, relevant or indeed controversial clinical opinions, gathered from the UK daily newspapers, medical journals, medical books, the Royal Colleges, the BMA, the GMC, the RCN, the BMJ, the HSJ, the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation, special interest groups and social media, (to name but a few).

We know that ReMEDI Rx graduates will want to communicate fluently on political input to health care in the UK and latest clinical solutions. We understand that clinicians must articulate whether a daily prophylactic aspirin or a daily glass of red wine is better for you. Most importantly we will ask for your opinions.

But first let us tell you how we will collate our Health Care News from ReMEDI Rx. Links to articles of clinical interest will be placed in one of 5 groups;

  1. Clinical English and Communication Skills Courses, (including; IELTS and clinical English and communications skills training and testing for all doctors from abroad where English is not their first language).
  2. Patient’s Health, (including; prevention (is better than cure), diseases, new treatments, healing, surgery, medicine, pharmacology, nutrition and fluid intake. Also special needs of children, adults and the elderly).
  3. Health Care Professionals, (all those who keep patients healthy, including front line staff ratios to patients, also GPs, Community Nurses, Carers and their remuneration).
  4. UK Hospitals and the NHS, (including; private and NHS hospitals, clinics and health centres, waiting lists, bed blocking and discharge planning, also MRSA and other Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs))
  5. Global Health and World Health Organisation (WHO), (including; what is happening in the rest of the world. This will include Polio eradication and possibly Malaria eradication)


How can you help? Quite simply, send us your opinions on the articles in the ReMEDI Rx Library or your personal opinions of what is going on in your clinical world.

Please send your opinions, (maximum of 250 words) to;

We will publish the best 3 letters that we receive each month on the ReMEDI Rx Website and naturally will credit each author for their written opinions. Each month our star letter will win (for its author), a £50 voucher off a ReMEDI Rx course and the 2 runners up will each receive a £25 voucher towards courses.

Please note that the voucher needs to be used within 6 months of notification of winning it, if however, a winner has already been on a course, then the prize can be given to a friend/colleague for attendance on a ReMEDI Rx course.

As always, we like talking AND listening so if you would prefer to pick up the phone and have a chat with us, then please do so. One way or another, we really look forward to hearing from you.