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Are you a Chinese doctor thinking about working in the UK?


If “yes”, please read below about the exciting ReMEDI Rx plans for 2017

如果“是”,请阅读下面令人兴奋的关于2017ReMEDI Rx规划


ReMEDI Rx can help you to help others

Are you a doctor or a dentist wanting to work in the UK? Maybe concerned about your level of English or communication skills or just don’t know where to start? If so, read on and let ReMEDI Rx help you.

New for 2017, We are piloting our new course “Clinical Communication for Chinese” that will give you the confidence and the clinical communication skills that are essential to applying to work within the UK.

The program will give you 100 hours of training material, via video conferencing, self-practice, professional feedback, and a final intense training assessment course where you will put your new skills into practice, and be assessed and coached by UK clinical practitioners and professional communicators.

You can attend your final training assessment course in China or the UK.

China course’s will be in March and October 2017 and held over two days in the following cities

Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen

UK Course will be held in London in May and November 2017 and will be held over three days.

Clinicians may choose between;

Standard Package: 4 night stay to complete the course over 3 days

Culture Package: 10 night stay, where the 3-day course is followed by 5 days Culture tour, visiting the General Medical Council (GMC) and visiting a prospective employer.

ReMEDI Rx can also provide a London VIP package for individuals or small groups at an extra cost.

The course is not for everyone, you will first have to pass an initial acceptance interview via video conferencing to ascertain your suitability for the program, once you have been accepted and you are happy to proceed, the training program will start.

In the 6 months prior to each final assessment course, all delegates receive 5 or more individual (1:1) “Skype” or “We Chat” sessions between themselves and UK senior trainers

Further detail around the courses in China and the UK, can be found on the ReMEDI Website;


How much does each course cost?

NB the cost of the UK courses includes accommodation plus many extras.

Two day China Based course…£2250.00

Three day London based course…£2990.00

Three day London based course plus five day culture experience…£3990.00

We anticipate a high demand for these exclusive courses, so we ask that prospective delegates register as soon as possible but;

Once you have passed the initial acceptance interview and wish to proceed with the course a 20% deposit will be payable.

by the beginning of September 2016 for the 2017 Spring courses and

by the beginning of May 2017 for the 2017 Winter and Christmas courses

if you have any questions or would like to find out more, please look at our Website and complete the, ”Course Registration/ Information Request”

We would love to hear from you and please be assured that all ReMEDI Rx courses offer tremendous value for money.


ReMEDI Rx Comparison of 3 courses for 2017 Specifically for Chinese doctors either in China or in the UK
Course Rx China
2-day Intensive courses
  Rx UK 4-night with 3-day course Rx VIP UK 10-night with UK 3-day course + 5 in London / UK COMMENT TOTAL HOURS
“We Chat” or “Skype” sessions with a ReMEDI Rx Senior trainer (number of sessions) 5   5 5    
We Chat or Skype session AND the following “homework” total time in hours   of each session (HOURS) 3 hours   3 hours 3 hours Each session will last 20 minutes and will be followed by 2 hours and 40 minutes “homework” equating to 5 x 3 hours. Total = 15 hours 15
Daily practice over 6 months of 2 x 10 minute sessions equating to 60 hours of self coaching (TOTAL HOURS) 60   60 60 ReMEDI Rx strongly recommends 2 x 10 minute practice sessions per day, starting 6 months before the course. This will give each delegate a total in excess of 60 extra hours of self coaching 60
Hours of each course (HOURS) 25   25 25 All courses comprise 25 hours of course work, spread over either 2 days in China or 3 days in the UK 25
At the end of each course. 100   100 100 Total training hours by end of ALL courses 100
Costs (in 3 payments) CHINA 2D   UK 3D UK 3D + 5D    
Cost in GBP (£), please note that the UK courses include half board accommodation and many other course extras £ 2,250.00   £2,990.00 £3,990.00    
1. Registration and 20% deposit £450.00   £598.00 £798.00 Payable September 2016  
2. Second payment of 40% £900.00   £ 1,196.00 £1,596.00 Payable October 2016  
3. Final payment of 40% £900.00   £ 1,196.00 £1,596.00 Payable November 2016  
Total (1+2+3=) £2,250.00   £2,990.00 £3,990.00 Once full payment has been received, and by arrangement, future delegates may contact their personal tutors by “We Chat”, “Skype” or “Email”. Likewise, their ‘London UK and culture Associat’e  
  CHINA 2D   UK 3D UK 3D + 5D    
English courses for CHINESE doctors and dentists   ReMEDI Rx courses are open to International Medical Post Graduates, however these courses are specifically for Chinese doctors and dentists considering working in the UK  
Course Rx China 2-day Intensive courses   Rx UK 4-night with 3-day course Rx VIP UK 10-night with UK 3-day course + 5 in London / UK COMMENT TOTAL HOURS
Number of DAYS in each course 2   3 3+5 days for touring London / UK ReMEDI Rx UK can provide UK course delegates with a tour guide for a bespoke 14 hour day in London or one or some 8 hour days in London, please let us know whether you would like to learn more about this service  
Number of night’s accommodation with breakfast n/a   4 10 At a China Hotel with Conference Facility OR UK 5-star Heathrow Hotel with Conference Facility  
Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport n/a      
Registration on the evening before the course or on first morning 1st morning   Evening before course starts Evening before course starts    
meal with wine included on first night of course      
Free use of hotel’s facilities (such as Spa and swimming pool)      
Daily Newpaper n/a      
Free Book (Improve On You (re communicating) by ReMEDI Rx Trainer; Paul Ryan      
Free Map of London      
6-day   “The London Pass”          
Access to ReMEDI Rx’s VIP Tour Guide of London facility *   * * Though not applicable for China 2D courses nor UK 3D courses, all ReMEDI Rx ‘Graduates” may avail themselves of this facility in the future  
Opportunity to tour London and other parts of the UK *   *    
Meeting with UK employment agency if required      
GMC visit if required          
ReMEDI Rx Certificate      
Double ReMEDI Rx and IELTS certificate given if subsequently gain 7.5 or higher at Academic IELTS test      
Contact with ReMEDI Rx trainers      
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